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Are you an artist or designer who wants to sell more of your work? Get your work the exposure it deserves.

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In today's world appearances are important.

When you walk into a room; an interview, a business meeting, a party, a blind date; before you say a word,  your style is telling people about you; who you are, how successful you are, how you feel about yourself.   

Are you making the impression you want?

You know your lifestyle; you know how you want to feel.  I have twenty-five years experience styling, managing and marketing fashion, style and art. Let’s work together to find your style statement!


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"The Personal and Collective Experience of the Gaze"

In the midst of disruption, how do we come to know who we are? How do we create an identity for ourselves? With what groups do we identify? Are we defined by how we see ourselves or by the ways we are seen by others? These are the questions Zaire Kaczmarski is asking us to consider through her recent 'art intervention,'  "The Personal and Collective Experience of the Gaze" at Clad In, Wayland Square, Providence.

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LAMOU Epic Table Collection designed by architects Ann F. Clarke and Lena Georas.

Beautifully printed wood tables that you design.

Raku by Laura White Carpenter

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Photography & Digital Art

 Deepali Mundra; inspired paintings in oil & acrylic on canvas

Being an ‘artist’ is more of an expression of freedom to encapsulate my vision on the canvas. I feel grateful and ecstatic when gazing at a blank canvas being materialized into something else. -- Deepali Mundra

Come inside for personalized lifestyle consulting, stories about designers and artists sharing their ideas and creations. Shop in our bazaar and find inspiration along with beautiful hand-crafted objects and products to enhance your lifestyle.

Find Your Cool is about art, style and living life as a playful adventure in creativity. Here we collaborate with artists, designers, filmmakers, poets and philosophers to share ideas about style, beauty and living the good life.



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