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Collette Royer

Collette is a traveler, writer, stylist...  After twenty-five years in the designer fashion industry, working for Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, she took a sabbatical and wandered away into the wide world to find adventure, to explore, meditate and learn.  For a year she traveled alone; a container ship ride across the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong; ferries and trains, busses and planes across Southeast Asia and Australia; eight days sitting in silence at the feet of Mooji; advaita Vedantist spiritual teacher; living and traveling for two months in Spain while studying Spanish -- which she hopes someday to master.

Returning to the US, Collette settled in Providence where, attracted by the beauty of the city, the miles of Rhode Island coastline and the crazy art vibe, she hopes to contribute to what she believes is a developing urban renaissance.  In addition to 'finding her cool', she is currently a style consultant, freelance writer gathering new stories from life and the art around her and working on a full length book about her journey.



Todd Monjar Photography

Todd Monjar Photography






Todd Monjar

During his formative years Todd's mother - an artist and dealer in antiques - provided him with glimpses into a creative environment, and ever since, Todd has been on a quest to discover a free and creative lifestyle. He is a seeker, a traveler and a photographer; having studied film photography, darkroom technique and film and video production. His journey through 30 years in the high tech industry provided a rich insight into business, technology and the importance of working together as a community. 

Todd sees added layers of light and shadow everywhere. The faintest early morning gray diffusion or of a brilliant, rich crimson sunset will spin his mind. Every refraction and reflection creates a brand new world of illusion and possibility; a playground for his creative shutter. He has been called a Moonhead since a young age because he sees things and mentions them to others that may have not been previously noticed. 

Todd’s eye is drawn to the expansive realm that nature presents and to a man-made architecture derived from creative ingenuity. Always a moving spectrum, always a dancing joy; searching for the underlying story and for answers to perpetual questions. Capturing a moment that will never be the same or as we expect it to be. His goal is to share that moment with those who feel a connection and to remember the one that he had.

Todd’s work has been selected for juried art shows and he is an award winning film documentarian. He has a love for expressive communication through storytelling and images. His professional background includes business development, event production, social media consulting and entrepreneurial endeavors. Todd has a deep passion for the arts, travel, music, spiritual discovery and nurturing an innate connection to the world around him. He recently moved to become immersed in the effervescent cultural and artistic energy found in Providence, RI.




Find Your Cool

Find Your Cool is an online lifestyle and creative business that promotes emerging artists, designers, creativity and conscious living. Find Your Cool is about all of us; about experience, art, play, discovery, creation, exploring what is meaningful, and living the most authentic life possible; what constitutes 'the good life' for each of us.

It is about living from the heart, expressing our creative gifts and learning to use them for the benefit of our fellow creatures.  So; what will we do here?  We will practice style, fashion, art, design, philosophy, and innovation; gently, kindly, with generosity, heart and passion.  Most of all, we have fun….

Our purpose is to collaborate with and promote the works of artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs; so the world can discover their talent while allowing them to focus on their creative work; so they can shine their light into the world. Find Your Cool began as an online art gallery and has grown into a place where many kinds of inspiration flourish; a place where people can commune, share thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

Find Your Cool is about a journey that we are all on; a journey to find our joy and to help others realize their own brilliance. We invite you to come along for the ride; because it’s more fun…

Inside our marketplace you will find works of lifestyle products, art, design, provocative ideas and observations. We don’t have any absolute answers but we have interesting questions.