Adam Lefevre

When I was 12 years old. My parents took me on vacation to Gettysburg, PA, to see the site of the famous 3 day civil war battle fought there in July of 1863. It was my earliest memory of being emotionally affected by the tremendous loss of life which occurred. My art continues to reflect the feelings I felt as a young boy so many years ago.

"Beauty is what I want others to see, and to perceive in my art. I create stark and vivid images. In which my goal is to persuade people to look twice. I want my art to be one of a kind, and something that others have not seen before. I want to create a beautiful unique experience through my art." 

Adam Lefevre Fine Art Photography

At times, I like to explore different aspects of my medium such as abstracts. My main focus usually goes back to what I love most which is 19th century history.