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Selling Art and Design Products on Find Your Cool

Thank you for your interest in listing your work with Find Your Cool.  We look forward to meeting you and collaborating to sell your work!  We believe that creative flow and authentic expression are the most important building blocks of an affluent, compassionate and sustainable society.  Our focus is on establishing a online art marketplace where artists and designers can exhibit their work to a wider audience; where buyers can find a broad selection of the highest quality art and design products; creating a convergence which will allow artists to work creatively for a living and bring more beauty into the world. 

We sell original art as well as very high quality reproductions in runs of no more than 100 reproductions from each original work.  Artists selling reproductions will agree contractually that they will not reproduce more than 100 copies from any original work of art and Find Your Cool actively enforces this policy. In the case of design products only, exceptions to this rule may apply.

How does Find Your Cool promote your work?

Find Your Cool is actively developing a broad social media network which already extends around the globe and continues to grow.   We are a community of artists creating original content: stories about our artists, designers, the local and global art scene, video productions, images and interviews aimed at facilitating a deeper conversation about art; its place in our lives, culture, and spirituality and economies. We publish this content through social media platforms, advertising and an "e-zine" sent twice monthly to our growing network of subscribers.

Find Your Cool is based in Providence, RI - a bourgeoning art city, home to WaterFire Providence; an annual art event attracting 10 million visitors in 2014, and where the mayor has recently dedicated his administration to the development of an annual international art festival.  We are in current development of a salon/gallery/event space for exhibitions and a variety of public relations events combining fine art, music, dance, fashion, design and culinary elements to increase visibility for our artists and designers. 

How does it work?

The process is simple. Send your artist's profile and statement along with photos and a detailed description of your work.  Our curators will review your work and if selected, you will be contacted within 7-10 days.   No costs, no monthly fees. Once your work is selected, we will create an individual profile for you. We do the marketing and promotion. After your work has sold, you photograph, pack, insure and and ship it to the buyer.  We charge a flat commission of 35% after your work has sold. We reimburse your shipping expenses.

What criteria does Find Your Cool use to select artists and designers?

Determination of acceptance by our review team is based on, but not limited to the following:

    •    Inspiration    •    Authenticity   •    Quality     •    Integrity    •    Subject matter, style, medium, and pricing

When our curators consider artists and designers, there are many factors taken into consideration.  We understand that reviewing work can be a very subjective process and that decisions can sometimes seem arbitrary.  Our goal is to provide a forum for passionate, dedicated artists and designers to share and to create a marketplace for their work.

If I list on Find Your Cool am I allowed to sell my art on my own web site or by other means?

Yes. At Find your Cool we want artists and designers to be as successful as possible. We view Find Your Cool as simply one channel in which you can promote and sell your artwork. Artists are encouraged to continue to sell their art through galleries and by any other means. We ask that you ensure your inventory of items listed with Find Your Cool is up-to-date. Whenever you sell an item by another method we ask that you contact Find Your Cool immediately so that we can remove it from our inventory.

Does Find Your Cool curate it's marketplace? 

Yes. In order to ensure a quality experience for Find Your Cool buyers, all Artists and Designers are reviewed and approved by Find Your Cool’s curators.

How do artists and designers get accepted to Find your Cool?

Once an artist has completed their initial profile and submitted a minimum of 3-4 works for review, they may request approval by email the from the curators at Our review process generally takes 3-5 business days and artists and galleries will be notified with a decision at that time.

Is there a cost to submit work for review?

No. There is no cost to create an account and request review. If accepted, there are no monthly fees or charges. Find Your Cool charges a simple commission fee of 35% only when the item is sold.

What do I need to do to submit myself for review?

In order to ensure a high quality experience for Find Your Cool buyers we require all artists and galleries go through our review process

How long does it take to be reviewed?

Find Your Cool curates artists twice per month, typically within the first and third weeks of the month. Artists are typically notified a week after the review is held

Once I am approved, what else do I need to do?

Once you are approved you will be contacted by Find Your Cool.  We will discuss your goals, and operational details such as display, pricing, delivery, etc.   

How do I get paid? 

When your item sells, Find Your Cool collects payment from the buyer and holds that payment.  We will notify you that we have sold the item.  You will photograph, pack, insure and and ship it to the buyer.  

The buyer has seven days to decide if they will keep the work. Seven days after delivery of the artwork to the client, we will send payment to your PayPal account for the sale. You will not be charged any additional PayPal fees when you receive this payment. During your registration process, you will be asked to supply a valid PayPal email address. This is the account we will use to deposit funds from the sale of your art.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

Don't worry, signing up for PayPal is easy and free. Any type of PayPal account is fine for receiving payments from Find Your Cool. When you receive payments from FindYourCool into your PayPal account, there will not be any additional fees from PayPal applied.  To sign up:

What if the buyer chooses to return the item?

All purchases on Find Your Cool are 100% guaranteed which means that if a buyer is unhappy with an item for any reason, they have the right to return that item as long as it is returned within seven days in the same condition and packaging in which it was shipped to them. Because of this we encourage you to make sure you describe the item fully and correctly.  We provide good quality photographsand descriptions with all listings.  We also ask you to photograph all items before shipping them to the buyer.

Should a buyer decide to return an item they purchase from you, Find Your Cool will contact you regarding this return. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back (trackable and insured).  

Do I need to insure my item for shipment?

Yes, Find Your Cool insures all items when shipping and requires you to insure all items when you ship as well. As a seller, you are responsible for the item to arrive safely and in good condition to the client. If the item arrives damaged or is lost in shipment and you have not insured the item, the buyer may wish to return it and you may not receive full or any payment for your sale.

We understand that because of the nature of artwork, some shipping carriers provide limited, or no insurance. Please ensure you are fully insuring your item with the shipping carrier or a supplemental service.