A Summer Film Adventure

"To win this fight, he'll have to bet his heart."

This summer I joined Boston-based filmmakers Daniela Goncalves and Brian Tortora of BEARWALK, screenwriter Konstantin Selivanov, producer Elena Selivan along with an amazing cast and crew of talented, inspiring people in a collaborative project to create a new short film. 

Working as a film stylist has been a completely new and inspiring experience. I have always believed style is a visual language that conveys the essence of who we are and how we live our lives. In filmmaking, that language becomes an integral part of telling the story and making it come to life. Daniela, Brian, Konstantin and Elena listened, validated and encouraged my ideas so that I was allowed to speak freely with my own creative voice in that language which has been my life's avocation. There is also a special magic in working with actors, creating wardrobe, makeup and costumes which help to foster their transformation into character. I loved that moment when I finished whatever I was doing - steaming a costume, putting the finishing touch on hair or make-up, straightening a tie - stepped back, watched them walk onto the set and another world came to life

Initial screening is projected to be late September. Meanwhile we hope you will follow the progress of Boar on Instagram and Facebook.

See you at the movies...