Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.
— Ansel Adams

I was sitting on a beach one morning a few weeks ago and “got to a place” with camera in tow. It was quiet and empty while I was in the middle of vastness. The persistent waves served as a pleasing mantra to the morning meditation. The sun would soon meet the spin of the earth and a new day would dawn. Inspiration beckoned…

This forum accompanies a journey. What we say, what we do, how we express the joy that is in us may be traced to the spirit within us all, and as artists we can channel that energy to share with others; to give back to the source. My challenge is to find the voice that comes from somewhere within me while remaining non-judgmental and unassuming about where it came from. 

I want to express it with words but find more and more that the images discovered connect me to the message with natural ease. Ansel Adams was an early inspiration to my passion for photography. Yes, there is the ‘Zone System’ and the sanctity of the original shot and processing of the negatives and burning and dodging, however it was his eye for the majestic and the fine detail merged with a framing of the immense that always intrigued me. 

I have always been amazed at the breadth of his images; not just the pure genius of including seven or eight different levels of light but the incredible complexity of composition and story. He connects me to the places and people he shot.

Without conscious recognition at the moment the following was captured. It struck me later and brought with it the reality of our existence in this universe; how small we may seem yet how pertinent our connection to it all and each other is. Whether contemplating our place in the stretch of 140 billion galaxies (or more) in our universe or in the smallness of our makeup of atoms/quarks/neutrinos, observing Adam’s work offers a way to simplify it all to the grandeur of the life we are living and the unending beauty of where we live. 

This is a version of finding a way to share what comes through me and to share something that  I was able to experience; yet we all participated in that moment.