Bohemian Beach Chic Comes to Find Your Cool

Welcome beautiful, beach babe, Lori Roark bringin' it to Find Your Cool from her sunny studio by the beach in the Sea.  Lori and her equally gorgeous and groovy sister Denise began curling, twisting and sculpting wire into artful jewelry in early 2004 in our hometown of Fallbrook, California. 

Although it is now one of the hottest current trends in fashion, for Lori "bohemian" has always described her authentic voice as an artist.  

Inspired by the beautiful coastline just north of San Diego where she lives, and the chill southern California lifestyle, Lori creates her collection of unique, limited edition jewelry; searching for crystals, stones, dorges and other talismans and combining them with hand hammered gold wire, gold chains and organic touches such as leather, feathers and sea shells.   


Where did the name "Lily Girl"  come from?  Lily is Lori's Xolo: aka Mexican Hairless dog.  (For those who like precision, Lily is a Xoloitzcuintle.  When I asked, Lori spelled that for me phonetically: zolo-eats-quently...I think we'll stick with 'Lily'.)   Lori says "Lily loves hanging out in the studio, being with the girls; bringing her good juju to the whole enterprise."

"Crystal Coast" is the newest collection from Lily Girl Jewelry; spirit inspired and created in a sophisticated neutral palette of grey and white crystals, stone, leather and feathers; gold chains, hand-hammered gold rings and wire wraps. Its a perfect collection for holiday party dressing and will pair beautifully with warm cashmere sweaters and boots throughout the long winter.

Lori's motto?  "Although jewelry may not solve the world's problems, it sure does make life more beautiful."

We couldn't agree more. Check it out....