Everything He Touches Turns to...Art

In my fascinated pursuit of stories about artists and what makes them tick, I spend a fair amount of time hanging out with them. In the midst of eating, drinking, talking, whatever we happen to be doing, they will suddenly begin looking around; finding a napkin, a pencil, pulling out a pad, or a crayon, drumming or keyboarding on tabletops, wandering away in mid-conversation to catch a photo, breaking into song or dance walking down the street.  It only takes a moment for their attention and focus to be caught by something and they are off and away....  It's fascinating to watch.  Suddenly I am observing creation.... It's a completely enchanting experience. 

And of all the artists I know, I have rarely seen this creative impulse so broadly and uniformly displayed as when I am in company with Jason Andrade.  


Sometimes he is creating something as ephemeral as a centerpiece for a table, or arranging food for an event at Cav; drawing with chocolate, raspberry and apricot sauce; creating a tableau of autumn leaves on a plate.  Sometimes he is making ornaments, masks or photographs.   If you visit Jason in his lair you will witness a creative...paroxysm.   Every window, every door, every surface, mirror, and item of furniture have been either fabricated or re-worked from their original state into something else; something very beautiful.  


Perhaps this impulse was fostered during his childhood in Providence; where he played with his younger sister and made toys for her.  Where most children would look around and see what they want or don't have, Jason looked around and saw everywhere, in everything, the raw materials of toys.  Boxes, paper, discarded bits and pieces became, games, sleds, clothes, worlds of imagination.

As an adult that creative drive is completely ingrained. Jason is incapable of looking in any direction without finding materials for his art.  The neighbor is remodeling and puts the old windows out to be collected as trash; Jason picks up a glue gun; creates marvelous drawings and then paints them - they become works of art on glass.  A paper cup and coffee filter become a molten glowing orb for a centerpiece.  Vases left over from florist deliveries are painted with ground glass in intricate patterns;  a door taken from its hinges becomes an intricately decorated mirror; I hand him my glasses and ask him to design something beautiful for attaching them so I will stop losing them; I see him become fascinated. Here comes that faraway look....

Jason's style?  A little edgy, a little bohemian and now he's wandering down the road into a steampunk sort of vibe.  Its that kind of talent; Jason is just following his creative imagination wherever it leads. We just watch and appreciate.


Visit Jason's Gallery at Find You Cool for a small taste of his wonderland....