Samantha House is an Original; So is Her Jewelry...

It’s easy to see that Samantha House was destined to be a designer.  When I first met her, she was working as Style Editor for Improper Bostonian; a lifestyle magazine founded in 1999 by Mark Semonian and published today by his sister Wendy; an environment just flexible enough to nurture her nascent talents and slightly outlaw personae. Her magazine layouts were original; eye-catching;  her events were stylish and provocative.  She had presence; a way of charming everyone. She included us in her fun and made everyone feel special. 



“The [Improper Bostonian’s] former fashion editor, Samantha House, had a particular flair for concocting memorable events. At one celebration, I arrived at a hair salon to find that Samantha had done up three models to the theme of “Earth, Water and Fire.” They had crazy Zoolander-esque hairdos, of course. What they didn’t have was clothing. Thus I found myself waiting in line at the bar behind a naked woman with a towering blue up-do, while on the opposite wall an enormous screen displayed a video loop of a person getting body hair plucked at extreme close range. Samantha’s parties were like a way of experiencing drugs without actually doing any. When I asked her where she found her models, she said, “Two of them are nudists, but I couldn’t find three nudists, so I hired a stripper.” — Ezra Dyer, Columnist, Improper Bostonian


Even then, what impressed me the most was her design sense.  Each time I saw her, she was would be wearing something a little risqué; cut to within centimeters of exposing her curvaceous figure and she always looked fantastic.  Being in the fashion business, I always asked her; “Where did you find that wonderful thing?"  And she would tell me in her off-hand way, how she had bought it that afternoon at this or that boutique and removed the sleeve to add a strap, or changed the neckline, cut the hem or added an embellishment….   And it always worked.  She was fabulous.

At first jewelry design was something Samantha did just for herself.  There was a small bead shop on Newbury Street where she spent her lunch hours learning to bead and she began to design things reflective of her own distinctive style; bold, original, and gorgeous.  Everywhere she wore them, the people in the fashion and beauty businesses with whom she interacted loved them and asked where they could buy them for themselves.  In her typically self-effacing and generous way, Samantha would simply give them away and make something new for herself. 

 Samantha remembers;  "One day, I was with Gretchen Monahan (Fashion and Beauty Guru, former star of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and Founder of Gretta Luxe and Gretta Cole salons) and she said: "You should sell these. I'd sell them in my boutique."  I shrugged it off with a thanks but I loved that I just did it for fun. “

Photo: Kim Kennedy for Improper Bostonian

Photo: Kim Kennedy for Improper Bostonian


But somewhere along the way Samantha began to realize that her passion for jewelry might be turned into a business she could be equally passionate about. She refined her skills, developed new techniques and began to build a cohesive collection.  "In the beginning, I simply knew how to thread a string through a bead. Then, one day. I found a 2"x2" piece of paper that showed how to do a wire-wrap. I copied it and practiced. A whole new world opened up for me."

In 2007, Samantha was living in New York, sitting on a panel evaluating products for BBDO Advertising as a style expert.  Also sitting on that panel was a VP of Barney’s NY.  After the panel, they went for cocktails and by 9 am the next morning Barney’s was her first customer.

Since then, Samantha House Jewelry has been sold at Henri Bendel, Intermix, Shop-bop, Fred Segal and featured in editorials in Elle Accessories, Nylon, WWD and Vogue Magazines among others both in the US and internationally. Samantha House Jewelry has also been featured on the runway in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows such as Erin Fetherston and Christian Siriano. 

Since 2007, Samantha House Jewelry has been based in New York City and this year she has opened another studio in San Francisco where each of her designs is executed by highly trained and well-compensated artisans in highest quality materials.  

We are elated to welcome her collaboration with Find Your Cool.