Deepali Mundra

Being an ‘artist’ is more of an expression of freedom to encapsulate my vision on the canvas. I feel grateful and ecstatic when gazing at a blank canvas being materialized into something else. 

My work is entirely centered upon displaying the fundamental human emotions through a gentle amalgamation of colors. My works are mainly centered upon themes such as aestheticism, Buddhism and Hinduism which brings out the contrast between the modern India and its glorious ancient past. 

A joyous childhood had a profound impact upon my art. Ever since my childhood I enjoyed observing people, their movements and their expressions. This trait naturally drew me towards making figurative art and that is how I embarked upon my journey to become an artist. It is important for me to express joy and bliss, coupled with divinity. These are predominant themes throughout my artworks. I love to depict an innate connection between man and God which are centered on uplifting humans from negative emotions. 

I am particularly inspired by observing my surroundings. I am open to new experiences and visiting new locations that provide impeccable insights. I admire the Indian Rajasthani Style of Bani-Thani artwork, which is poignant in color selection. Also the connection with Sahaja Yoga forms basis for the philosophy I like to convey through my art.

I aspire to share my art as much as possible and hope that it contributes something to the dynamically changing scene of the contemporary Indian art.