Guillermo Mejías


It is very strange because I have been drawing since I was five years old and when I was 14 I suddenly and with no reason stopped completely. Then, 10 years after I woke up one morning and I felt the inevitable appetite to paint. It’s been three years by now and every day it's getting bigger and bigger.

For me, art must have at least one of two characteristics: being beautiful or conveying a feeling. This is the basic idea. As science explains and improves quality of life, I think art should improve the emotional life. It should be beauty, but it has to go a step further. The common denominator of my work is about the individual and their circumstances. I not try to paint realistic, yet not abstract. Just the right way to express what I feel at that time. 

My preferred medium is acrylic and mixed media.  They are the ones that allow me to fully express myself because I love to experiment with new materials and test new combinations with or without artistic tradition. Professional deformation of being a chemist I guess!

I am inspired by everything that surrounds me. Most of the time that we are walking down the street and suddenly an inspiring idea appears in our mind. It is not just magic inspiration but a mass of feelings, sensations and memories conveniently mixed in our subconscious mind and triggered by a specific stimulus.

Ironically, the more I study science, the more I love art. When I'm researching (my thesis is about the neurology of stuttering, how to change the neurochemistry of the brain in order to improve the fluency speech) I realize how MUCH our brain is complicated and how extraordinary art is.