Ilia Torbin

For me to be an artist means just to be myself. My work is a pure improvisation, but it does not mean that I don’t have the idea or image before I start painting, it means that I don’t know how to convey this feeling. And the best way to do it is improvisation. 

The experiences that have most affected my art are because the art is not a physical but spiritual world, it is connected directly to the human soul. I needed to find the instrument to express my feelings and some energy which did not give me peace within. Once I just understood that area of art is more close to my inner world. And of course other artists and my musician friends influenced on me. I can say that every minute of my life is affected on my art in one or other way. 

As my first teacher said: All the time the artist is doing the same. Sometimes it appears in different forms but essence is the same every time. Every artist is looking for more beautiful and comfortable forms but it is just a form that essence never changes for every artist.


The artist is doing the same all during his life, sometimes it looks very strange and very different, but it is just an illusion. Visual art is about creating illusions. I don’t want to create illusions of reality, I want to reflect the reality itself.

Every work has a unique signature of the author, year or creation, and the name of the work in Russian. All the pictures are pure improvisation based on the images of subconscious. There is a theory that subconscious is connected with the human soul and some people say that the subconscious is a soul. That's why the images coming from the subconscious are more real than reality itself.

My process of creation:
All my paintings are pure improvisation. I initially have a common picture in my head. These images are born spontaneously and at different times. The origin of these images are unknown to me. I just have a feeling that these images have some meaning. The overall composition of these images usually does not change on the canvas. I try to remember the images in my mind and write them down in a notebook. After that, I'm trying to reproduce the image on the canvas, by means of improvisation. The improvisation in art is very important for me. Since improvisation itself and the image I once saw in fact occur unconsciously, it can be argued that this kind of painting the most realistic in the truest sense of the word. Because the subconscious mind is directly connected with the soul of man. 

All this painting is very difficult to make, because you can't copy it again. Each work is born in pain and looking for the right image. Therefore, I can not work like a factory and create multiple canvases in a short time, and each of my work is unique and I am not able to repeat it. This is what distinguishes my painting from the others and what I'll cherish. I never use any nature, photos or any other object for help or copy. All the images and elements are born in the imagination while improvising.