Laura White Carpenter

"My work is greatly influenced by the hidden and hinted-at elements of the natural world with which we coexist. I am astonished at what a simple stroll can reveal, if one has their eyes and mind open. My compositions are intended to honor individual properties, often by experimenting with perspective and highlighting the unexpected or unusual.  I seek to translate and interpret the myriad shapes, textures, and colors of nature into creations in which the beholder can continually find novelty and revelation.

The impact of a grouping and mixing of materials often communicates power in a more visceral way than its individual parts. My creative process can be described as perpetual gathering, trialing, assembling and disassembling. Although it can often seem to take eons for the right combination of found wood and added handmade embellishments to reveal itself as the final iteration, it serves as a constant reminder that the materials which I utilize have evolved into their forms at a much slower pace."