Olivia James

Every artist’s medium becomes a link to their soul, and their art a necessary expression of what is found. For me, I speak through lines as I search for inner beauty and power. Each piece of jewelry becomes a token from my soul, a shrine for what’s within. The medium of jewelry allows others to share in my expression through their own body, embracing a piece of what’s within them. 

KEZI jewelry is handmade using wire of precious metals combined with semi-precious gems. Inspired by nature and ancient artifacts, KEZI designs embrace natural beauty and power. The use of wire allows each piece to have a distinct aesthetic, evoking a different feel based on the journey of the wire and its source of inspiration.

When I began making jewelry, I found most of my inspiration in books of ancient designs. I was searching for an eternal beauty, an aesthetic that lasts throughout the centuries. As my work grew, I turned more to nature as much of the ancient designs seemed rooted in it. Nature, I felt, was the original source of beauty, and I wanted to capture it through my jewelry. Now, my designs are predominantly inspired by it as I continue to try and capture an eternal beauty in my work. 

My goal is to become a known designer. I aspire to be like Coco Chanel and Dianne Von Furstenburg; women who shaped the fashion world with an original approach—comfortable women’s clothing from Chanel and the wrap-dress from DVF. 

While most jewelry uses gems as the central feature, or solid shapes of metal, my work focuses on negative space. The stones become accents, and the metal a frame. I hope my original use of wire in this way can become a part of what shapes the jewelry industry for years to come.