Pamela Forman


"My jewelry is a blend of Bohemian spirit and Victorian charm, enhanced by luminous semi-precious gemstones with beneficial healing properties and spiritual meanings.  Each piece is meant to create a personal self expression, to adorn the body and radiate beauty.

It is important for me to design jewelry so that everyone wearing it feels beautiful and empowered.  Aside from being visually appealing, all of my pieces have powerful semi-precious gemstones with beneficial healing properties, like Rainbow Moonstones, which enhance your intuition, provide protection and attract love.  Some pieces also contain significant symbols or words to enlighten the spirit, bringing harmony and balance. My “Freedom Collection” actually has the word “Freedom” etched on it somewhere, as an inspiration to connect you to your free-spirit nature and to have the freedom to pursue your dreams.  

My biggest inspirations have come from my yoga practice, of 16 years, and my travels to Bali.  Combined, these inspired my line of handcrafted Sterling Silver OM and Lotus jewelry, along with my detailed ethnic embellishments to all of the pieces.  I’ve also always been drawn to Art Nouveau, which inspires my illustrations as well as my jewelry.  This coincides with my lifelong obsession with Moonstones (used a lot in Art Nouveau jewelry), which I have incorporated into almost all of my pieces, as well as my business name, “Bluemoonstone Creations.” Another inspiration has been my interest in astrology, which inspired my handcrafted Sterling Silver Zodiac collection.

In 2008, my passion for yoga lead lead me on a yoga retreat to the magical land of Bali, which was a transforming experience for me.  Always fascinated by the intricate design work of the Balinese, I was suddenly immersed in the Hindu culture and surrounded by immeasurable talent.  From the stone carvings, architecture, statues, paintings and jewelry, I didn’t know where to look first, and was hugely inspired as an artist.  This was an epiphany that charged a plan to leave my constrained job as a Senior Jewelry Designer, to start my own line of handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry.  I have been back to Bali every year since, where I continue to be inspired."

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