It's all about you.

Let’s have a conversation and get acquainted; get to know you and your lifestyle. What are your apparel needs? How do you want to feel when you get dressed. Do you long for simplicity? Are you looking for ways to express your unique style? Do you have any size or fit frustrations?  Visit this page to get started and Collette will reach out directly to you for a free phone consultation!

Special Event Style

Why do celebrities always look so amazing? Because they work with a stylist. Do you have something special coming up in your life: a black tie party, wedding, bar mitzvah? Let's work together and create your perfect look for an unforgettable event!  


Edit & Organize Your Closet

This is a great starting point to see what you have that you love while organizing and taking note of missing pieces, what needs to be altered, and what needs to be donated. This item-by-item session helps to set the stage for defining your personal style and making getting dressed a breeze. Dressing with confidence and style is easy when you love and wear every piece in your closet. 


Photography & Portrait Styling

A portrait is more than just a picture. It's an enduring personal statement about you. Whether it's an individual look or coordinated group shot, a successful photograph has unique characteristics and requires knowledge and careful planning. I will coordinate clothing, accessories, hair and makeup to make sure you get the perfect shot.


Shop in Your Closet

Sometimes the perfect outfit is already in your own closet. See the pieces of your wardrobe you already own in a new light! Together we can create head-to-toe looks that work for your lifestyle by pairing old favorites in new ways. You will be amazed by how many new looks we can find by mixing and matching items you already own. Treat yourself to a shopping spree in your own closet!



Nowhere else is it more true. As you walk into the room you are being sized-up. The interview is already being conducted before you speak a single word. Working together we can create a commanding first-impression so the interviewer can't wait to talk to you and find out how amazing you are!