Robert Zeman

Glass artist Robert Zeman was born in Bohemia and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He's a fifth-generation glass artist; "born into the glass and still living between the glass". His grandfather was a glass master and Robert learned at his and his father’s feet. He was surrounded by glass and began working with it before he knew how to walk, developing his elegant contemporary 21st-century designs from an early age.

"Glass has a strong tradition in Bohemia and that means glass art is all around us. You encounter it very often and the knowledge of the glass is at a high level. I have created an excellent fluidity between the old classics such as statues and reliefs and between contemporary and timeless art. A combination of ancient reliefs and modern design bring an elegance to my art.

My favorite medium is definitely plate glass, especially combined with wood or metal. The combination in cold form elegance and grace enables me to create rare crystal wall art that fits perfectly into today’s modern interiors. Black and white are the strongest colors ever. No matter how many thousands of years ago or thousands of years in future is our vision; black and white will be the most powerful colors.

It is important for me to capture a specific moment in time derived from days, weeks or even years, immersed in a state of creative flow. It is the moment when we stop and know that here is something strange, something different, something special. These are the moments that change the biggest into the smallest.

Everything happens in a dream, just before I fall asleep or just before waking. When I get into a dream state I start playing with fantasy and here I form a punch line with new inspiration. It does not depend on the time or place, I can’t influence it; I can only wait for an opportunity. 

Every detail and aspect of beauty is most important. Even a small change can have a major influence on the overall impression and  I’m always very careful to make everything as I exactly want. Sometimes I feel weird when I spend many days over one script. Precision is an inseparable part of my work and I often challenge the borders of my patience.

My art is not some ridiculous production series as an empty shell of a soul.

Everything has to be absolutely perfect. Everything has to make sense."