Above/Below is modern jewelry made with beautiful organic elements. The aesthetic is that of unearthed & weather worn stones, minerals mixed with shiny brass and bronze metals, clean geometric lines and textured details. This is jewelry that forges a wearable connection between nature, adornment & science.

"When I relocated to RI in 2000, I began to learn the trade of hand manipulating jewelry. I loved the hands-on aspect and as a painter, the mixing of color & textures was a natural fit for me. I designed jewelry commercially for many years, making work that was mass produced in many mall and department stores. The knowledge, experience and relationships that I gained from that industry proved invaluable beyond measure, though I always knew I wanted to go out on my own. After exploring many materials such as vintage buttons, deconstructed personal photographs and felt, I decided it was time to create quality work that could be made in the U.S. in small quantities. I wanted to create work that called attention to the naturally occurring beauty that often times is buried right below us and bring it to the surface. Above/Below was born just before my first child, with the intention that I could make a living creating while caring for my daughter. 

I'm constantly and obsessively inspired by water and it's effect on everything, stones & minerals & fossils, 1960's encyclopedias, architecture, textures!"