Thomas Terceira


I think of myself as a craftsman and designer and prefer those terms. My training and undergraduate degree is in crafts design. I have been working in collage and decoupage for a number of years and am self taught in those media. I studied jewelry and enameling at Florida State University with William Harper. I have a certificate in print design from the Rhode Island School of Design and I learned digital design and graphic design there.

I feel like I’ve always been making things, creating drawings, designs and performances. It feels poetic, surreal, dreamlike and layered, using vintage images and ephemera. I work in several media, collage - both traditional and digital - decoupage, jewelry and metal, and I also play hand drums and world percussion. I prefer whatever I am working in at the time.

I never know what a work will express until it is done. It is all about the process and reacting to what is happening in the work; where it wants to go and not about trying to express an idea ahead of time. That is more design and illustration to me.

My creative flow is like this: put something down, Put something else down. What are they saying to each other, Look at it. Think about what it needs. Try one thing after another. Put it down, go away for awhile. Look at what I’ve done. Work on those areas, I don’t like. Put something down, move it around. Put something else down. Repeat…

In the broadest sense of beauty, including the faded and worn, the cast off and worn is very important. In the sense of pretty, cute, realistic , not at all. My art comes from being alive and in the moment. I am inspired by great artists and craftspeople, musicians, poets, nature and science.