Are you an artist or designer looking for exposure? 

Find Your Cool

We are a collaboration of artists and designers, an incubator of creativity.  Welcome to the conversation...

Selling Art and Design Products at Find Your Cool

At Find Your Cool we are a collaborative art marketing company for emerging artists and designers. We believe that creative flow and authentic expression are the most important building blocks of an affluent, compassionate and sustainable society. 

Our focus is on establishing a marketplace where artists and designers can exhibit their work to a wider audience; where buyers can find a broad selection of the highest quality art and design products; creating a convergence which will allow artists to work creatively for a living and bring more beauty into the world. 

How does it work?

The process is simple. Send your artist's profile and statement along with photos and a detailed description of your work.  Our curators will review your work and if selected, you will be contacted within 7-10 days.  

Once your work is selected, we will create an individual profile for you. We do the marketing and promotion. After your work has sold, you will ship it to us; we will photograph, insure and and send it to the buyer.  We charge a flat commission of 40% after your work has sold. 


What criteria does Find Your Cool use to select artists and designers?

Determination of acceptance by our review team is based on, but not limited to the following:

  • Inspiration
  • Authenticity
  • Quality 
  • Integrity
  • Subject matter, style, medium, and pricing

When our curators consider artists and designers, there are many factors taken into consideration. We understand that reviewing work can be a very subjective process and that decisions can sometimes seem arbitrary.

Our goal is provide a forum for passionate, dedicated artists and designers to share and create a marketplace for their work. 

How does Find Your Cool promote your work?

Find Your Cool is actively developing a broad social media network which already extends around the globe and continues to grow.  

We are a community of artists creating original content: stories about our artists, designers, the local and global art scene, video productions, images and interviews aimed at facilitating a deeper conversation about art; its place in our lives, culture, and spirituality and economies. We publish this content
 through social media platforms, advertising and an "e-zine" sent twice monthly to our growing network of subscribers.
Find Your Cool is based in Providence, RI - a bourgeoning art city, home to WaterFire Providence; an annual art event attracting 10 million visitors in 2014, and where the incoming Mayor Jorge Elorza has recently dedicated his administration to the goal of developing an annual international art festival.

We are also in current development of a salon/gallery/event space for exhibitions and a variety of public relations events combining fine art, music, dance, fashion, design and culinary elements to increase visibility for our artists and designers. 

For more information, please visit us at  We look forward meeting and working with you!

Collette & Todd

Collette and Todd are two artists who left their corporate jobs to create Find Your Cool.  They share over 40 years of sales and marketing expertise in fashion, luxury, retail and business to business sales of high tech solutions.  They now live in Providence, RI, participating in the growing art renaissance taking place there...because its more fun.